Welcome to Grendel Design

(The art that hits you right in the geek)

Grendel Design is a young enterprise born from the need to provide geeks from all the world a mean to express themselves in a sophisticated way. Through our extensive knowledge in eco-design and art techniques, we aim to provide our clients with artwork that meets their needs and complements their dwelling space.

We use new and recycled materials to create our impressive products. As a corporate philosophy, we strive to bridge the gap between usability and artistic value: our art is both vibrant and accessible.

For more information and to reach us, please visit out facebook page.

Amonsgt other things, our current selection includes:

  • Tables (Kitchen, Coffee, End, Side)
  • Wall Hangings
  • Bartops
  • Chairs/Bar Stools
  • Headboards
  • Mini-Fridges/Refrigirators
  • Doors
  • Murals